About Us

About Dilli Haus

India has an incredibly rich & vibrant culture, where food is at the epicentre.
Delhi is the capital of this vast melting pot and for centuries it has been customary for family and friends to gather at festivals, weddings and other important celebrations. We dance, we drink and most importantly WE EAT! In short, nobody does it quite like the "Dilliwalas"!!!

Namaste and welcome to Dilli Haus - a gourmet delivery brand focused on bringing to your doorstep popular, yet traditional flavours from the North. Relish modern interpretations of age old recipes, as we journey back to the Mughal Empire with melt-in-your mouth kebabs and rich fragrant curries. Our menu will consist of both the familiar and the experimental; all of which we hope will prove to be a memorable experience.

We strive to promote healthier living by making a conscious effort to reduce the excessive use of oils, ghee & sugars traditionally used in North Indian cooking. Keep in mind less oil doesn't mean less flavour! In addition, by using freshly ground Masalas, we are able to ensure that the food retains its authenticity.

The ingredients aside, our meticulous planning goes far deeper into our kitchen, where there are strict systems in practice for hygiene. These include clear distinctions in ingredients used in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and daily monitoring of the quality of produce.

Dilli Haus is brought to you by the delivery specialist behind Asian Haus and Sushi Haus. We hope you enjoy the taste of Saadi Dilli delivered right.

Happy Eating